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New acquisitions at the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library

Find out about our new books and sound recordings.

This listing is our November update on new additions to the library collections. All items are available to consult or listen to in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library.



Author Title Subtitle Author/Editor notes Date
Houghton, Mick I've always kept a unicorn : the biography of Sandy Denny / Mick Houghton. 2014
Brunvand, Jan Harold Too good to be true : the colossal book of urban legends / Jan Harold Brunvand. c1999.
Picard, Barbara Leonie Hero tales from the British Isles /   retold by Barbara Leonie Picard ; illustrations by Gay Galsworthy. 1966.
Marwick, Gavin Horizons : tunes composed by Gavin Marwick, volume one /   2014.
Jamison, Phil Hoedowns, reels, and frolics : roots and branches of southern Appalachian dance / Phil Jamison. 2015.
Cohn, Norman Europe's inner demons : the demonization of Christians in medieval Christendom / Norman Cohn. 1993
Palmer, Roy The folklore of the Black Country /   by Roy Palmer. 2007.
Cosman, Madeleine Pelner Medieval holidays and festivals : a calendar of celebrations / Madeleine Pelner Cosman. 1984.
Gillespie, Angus K. Folklorist of the coal fields : George Korson's life and work / Angus K. Gillespie ; foreword by Samuel P. Bayard. 1980.
Batstone, Bert The mysterious mummer : and other Newfoundland stories / by Bert Batstone ; illustrated by Stuart Aldridge. 1984.
Peter, Thurstan The Cornish obby oss /   Thurstan Peter. 1997.
  The Sowerby Bridge rushbearing /     1980.
Cunnack, Edward M. The Helston furry dance : with map and illustrations / by Edward M. Cunnack. 1971.
Kinsella, P. J. Some superstitions and traditions of Newfoundland : a collection of superstitions, traditions, folk-lore, ghost stories, etc. etc. / by P. J. Kinsella. 1998.
Millington Peter Tiger miscellany : a collection of folklore items from the Tiger newsletter / compiled by Peter Millington. 1995.
Hyland, John Boyd The yetanother mummer's play /   produced by John B. Hyland. [1999].
Harrop, Josephine Victorian portable theatres /   by Josephine Harrop. 1989.
Whitlock, Ralph A calendar of country customs /   Ralph Whitlock. 1978.
Morison, John Hare pie scrambling and bottle kicking : Hallaton's strange and ancient custom / John Morison, Peter Daisley. 2000.
Nicholson, Violet Round and about Grenoside, volume 3 : memoirs of a folk dancing life /   [N.D.]
Poulson, Joan North country traditions, part one: January-June /   by Joan Poulson. 1977.
Sheppard, J. W. ff. The ancient Haxey Hood game : an ancestor of football? / by J. W. ff. Sheppard. 1976.
Peddie, Ian Popular music and human rights : volume l: British and American music / [edited by] Ian Peddie. 2011.
Peddie, Ian Popular music and human rights : volume ll: world music / [edited by] Ian Peddie. 2011.
Colquhoun, Neil Song of a young country /   selected and edited by Neil Colquhoun. 2010.
Harding, Mike When the Pakeha sings of home : a source guide to the folk and popular songs of New Zealand / Mike Harding. 1992.
Smith, Penny The Wellow maypole celebration : the annual traditional event held at Wellow, Nottinghamshire. 1985.
Crowquill, Alfred Pantomime 1849 /   by Alfred Crowquill ; revised and compiled by Michael D. Everett. 1996.
Upton, Rosie Angela remembered : the life of Angela Gradwell Tuckett / by Rosie MacGregor. 2015.
  Landscapes and laundry : and other tales of old Eydon /   2002.
  Into 2000 with the Britannia Coco-nut Dancers of Bacup : from the 18th to the 21st century /   [2000].
Rozik, Eli The roots of theatre : rethinking ritual and other theories of origin / Eli Rozik. 2002.
Rawe, Donald R. Padstow's obby oss and May Day festivities : a study in folklore and tradition / by Donald R. Rawe. 2003.
Rosenfeld, Sybil Marion Foreign theatrical companies in Great Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries / by Sybil Rosenfeld. 1955.
Phythian-Adams, Charles Local history and folklore : a new framework / Charles Phythian-Adams. 1975.
Leach, Joan Sanding: a Knutsford custom /   by Joan Leach. [ca. 1980].
  Padstow Echo : May 2006, number 131   2006.
Jones, Edgar William Jones, Llangadfan /   by Eddie Jones. 1997.
  Understanding Scotland musically : conference programme, two-day conference, 20-21st October 2014 / 2014
Atkinson, David Proceedings of the English Folk Dance and Song Society : Folk song conference 2013 / edited by David Atkinson and Steve Roud. 2015.
Ashe, Geoffrey King Arthur's Avalon : the story of Glastonbury / Geoffrey Ashe. 1973.
Ashe, Geoffrey Avalonian quest /   Geoffrey Ashe. 1984.
Lethbridge, Thomas Charles The legend of the sons of god : a fantasy? / by T. C. Lethbridge. 1973.
Wood, Peter The green linnet : Napoleonic songs from the French Wars to the present day / Peter Wood. 2015.
Ulmann, Doris The Appalachian photographs of Doris Ulmann /   Remembrance by John Jacob Niles ; preface by Jonathan Williams. 1971.
Ressem, Astrid Nora Norske middeladerballader melodier, bind l : naturmytiske ballader, legendeballader, historiske ballader / Astrid Nora Ressem (red.). [2011].
Handel, George Frideric Fac-simile of the autograph score of Messiah, an oratorio composed in the year 1741 by G. F. Handel /   1868.
Burke, David Singing out : a folk narrative of Maddy Prior, June Tabor and Linda Thompson / David Burke.







Artist Title Subtitle Date
Armstrong, Frankie Lovely on the water : traditional songs and ballads / 2000.
The New Scorpion Band The plains of Waterloo : songs and music of the Napoleonic wars / 2000.
Killen, Lou Sailors, ships and chanteys 1995.
Boardman, Harry Personal choice 2007.
Wrigley, Bernard God's own country 2005.
Moirai Sideways 2015
Carole Pegg and Radik Tulush Gosshawk 2014
Philip Henry and Hannah Martin Mynd 2013
Philip Henry and Hannah Martin Live in Calstock 2014
Rig-a-jig-jig and friends All ashore 2014
  Snapenotes 2014
False lights Salvor 2014
  Albion's vision : an introduction to the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams / 2015
Dow, Nick Unaccompanied  2015
Lyddiatt, Andy Mostly mine : celebrations crafted, adapted for English concertina / 2013.
Willie Taylor, Will Atkinson and Joe Hutton An audience with the Shepherds : live recordings of Willie Taylor, Will Atkinson and Joe Hutton / 2015.
Neuburg, Caroline Red running rue 2007.
Larner, Sam Cruising round Yarmouth : the 1958-1960 Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger recordings / 2014.
Black Abbot Trip to the bar 2013.
Portman, Emily Hatchling 2012.
Portman, Emily Coracle 2015.
Oates, Jackie The spyglass and the herringbone 2015
Oates, Jackie Lullabies 2012
Demon Barbers Disco at the tavern 2015
Peter Knight's Gigspanner Layers of ages 2015
Stacey, David Good luck to the journeyman 2015.
The Unthanks with Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band / Diversions vol. 2 2012
The Unthanks Diversions vol. 1 : The songs of Robert Wyatt and Anthony and The Johnsons / 2011
The Unthanks Diversions vol. 3 : Songs from the shipyards / 2012
The Unthanks Mount the air 2015
Shirley, Pete Sunset Katy and other stories 2015
Bromley, Kirsty Time ashore 2015
She Shanties Spanker boom 2015
Gifford, Derek Songs from the past...into the future 2015
Tradarrr. Cautionary tales 2015
Albireo. Northern cross 2010.
Masquerade Dancing with Masquerade : a selection of music suitable for a folk dance club night / 2010
Upton, Harry Why can't it always be Saturday 2015
The Adderbury morris men Sing and play the music of the Adderbury tradition / 2015
The Women's Morris Federation and The Morris Federation And the ladies go dancing 2015
Jackstraws Red sky at night 2015
The Hosepipe Band Kettleburgh fete : music for twelve English dances / 2007
Crownstreet Gardenaire 2010
The Hosepipe Band Hell's bells 2002