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Broadside day 2015

Broadside Day 2015

Broadside Day 2015 took place at Cecil Sharp House on 21st February 2015.

The day consisted of the following talks...

The Truth to you I’ll Tell: how much can we Trust Broadside Ballads?
Colin Bargey

Seeing Music: George Scharf and the street musicians of London 
Nigel Tallis

What I don’t know about Broadsides 
Steve Roud

Broadside Tunes from Claude M. Simpson and the Folk and Broadside Tunes in The Full English: a comparative analysis
Lewis Jones

From Old Country to New World: emigration in Welsh ballads
E. Wyn James

Samuel Harward (1741/2–1809) Printer and Bookseller in Tewkesbury, Gloucester, and Cheltenham
David Atkinson

Songs from the Sailorhood: Robert Gilchrist, ‘Bard of Tyneside’
Paul Gilchrist

Sheer Cheek and Cheap Chic: chapbooks for children 
Jonathan Cooper

Do broadsides play a part in relaying the great events of history? Case Number 1: The Battle of Waterloo
Peter Wood